Company Profile

China Guangzhou Digits Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is "Digits Cloud Community" IT Division.

We not only produce hardware, but also produce software, can provide you with the complete "Industry 4.0, Big Data" mature digital solutions. Maximize the efficiency of the full life cycle of enterprise products, significantly reduce operating costs, breaking your imagination with independent innovation.

Meet "Digits Cloud Community" needs at the same time, to provide "Industry 4.0" digital, IT, big data, PLM, ERP, comprehensive technical information, electrical automation services for others.

Business Scope:

01、Enterprise "Internal | External" data management, analysis, digging

02、Enterprise efficiency optimization dedicated APP program customization, IT outsourcing

03、Intelligent digital system platform erection, development, deployment, maintenance

04、High simulation, low-cost, animated-VR digital prototype modeling, development, planning

05、Enterprise Linux cloud computing "IaaS | SaaS" server erection, development, deployment, maintenance

06、"Standard | Non-Standard" equipment, the whole process of research and development, PLC, SCM, industrial control system development, integration

07、Enterprise Linux / Windows platform PLM, ERP system erection, development, deployment, maintenance

07、Enterprise Linux / Windows platform "Intranet Network | Extranet Network" server erection, development, deployment, maintenance

09、Enterprise WeChat public number intelligent interactive marketing, planning; Web site code, SEO ranking optimization; big data network promotion

10、Enterprise cross-platform, cross-hardware, cross-browser HTML5 Web e-commerce platform, "static | dynamic" website development, deployment, maintenance

11、Enterprise documents, information, company webpage multilingual translation, data standardization, versioned, digital management planning, research and development, implementation

Organization Structure