Sitemap XML to TXT 2020 V6.1.9.9 build 20181026.152145

en-US zh-CN zh-TW Three-in-One Multi-language (Green portable version)

Not released separately, integrated into specific applications

Decompression can be used after download, no need to install separately


Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bits)

Recommend use Windows 7.1 / 10 (64 bits full version)


If prompted Unable to locate program input point ucrtbase.terminate on dynamic link library api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll or prompt *.dll file error | lost or fails to start

Please install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package , and restart the computer



This applet is suitable for Web Developer, IT Programmer, Multi-Lingual Document-GUI translator, etc. used by setting the conditions to put Website *.XML 格式站点地图 automatic 快速转换 *.TXT 格式

Please use Data Compare (or Beyond Compare) backup, 100% accurate comparison (or random check) all file contents before and after processing.

Applet exist win32、win64 bits version, it is recommended to use the better performance of the win64 bits version.

In the results tab, Ctrl + Mouse double click to call back the application to quickly process the cell text.

默认自带可切换 en-US 美式英语、en-US 简体中文、zh-TW 繁体中文 GUI 图形用户界面,其它语言可使用 Digital Translate localization tool, self-extension.

Applet GUI (graphical user interface) language that is not packaged separately is subordinate to the main program, provided settings do not work.

All menu can tear away, any time convenient to call its function item.

Applet will automatically save the main setting parameters, if necessary, can restore to its initial status. Clicking the save config button will save the relevant parameters according to the source path grouping.

自带无重要操作 5 分钟倒计时 "自动关闭" 功能。


Fit Format

Text Editor .txt Extensible Markup Language (XML) .xml


Avoid Format

Usage Scene File Format Usage Scene File Format
Digitser Software .dscf .dscp .dsdc .dser .dsml Text Editor .log
MicroSoft Office Excel .csv .dcsv .xls .xlsx MicroSoft Office Word .doc .docx
Adobe Acrobat .PDF Dassault SolidWorks .SLDPRT .SLDASM .SLDDRW
CG Animation .3ds .FBX .gltf .obj Picture File .bmp .gif .ico .jpg .jpeg .png .svg .tif
Adobe Photoshop .psd .hdr Font File .ps .ttc .ttf
Maxon Cinema 4D Animation .ai .c4d .gi2 .gil Audio File .mp3 .wav
Video File .avi .mkv .mp4 .rmvb .wmv Virtual CD Image File .dmg .iso
Archive Compress File .7z .bz2 .gz .rar .tar .tgz .xz .zip
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) .chm .css .htm .html .mht .url Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Assembly Language C/C++ Programming Language .c .cpp .cxx .h .pdb
Qt/C++ Framework .plist .pro .qm .ts .qml .qrc MicroSoft Visual Studio IDE .sln .suo
MicroSoft Windows Platform Programming Language .dll .rc .res MicroSoft Windows Platform .bat .cmd .com .conf .exe .inf .ini .msi .sys
Java Programming Language .jar .java JavaScript Programming Language .js .json
Hypertext Preprocessor Language (PHP) .php
Ruby Programming Language .rb .rbw Python Programming Language .py .pyc .pyd .pyo .pyw .pyi .sip .spec
Perl Programming Language .pl .pm Active Server Page .asa .asc .asp
Git Version Manage .git
Linux Platform .list .run Oracle Virtual Machine (VM) VirtualBox .vbox .vbox-prev .vdi